About REISHAUER AG - Switzerland

Generating Gear Hard-Finishing Processes Ready for the Future
Reishauer, a Swiss machine tool company, has been at the forefront of hard-finishing processes since 1945, when the company invented the generating gear grinding process. Today, Reishauer manufactures all the necessary tooling such as grinding wheels, diamond dressing tools, and workholding.

The overarching idea of making everything in-house is to assume full responsibility for the manufacturing process to ensure excellent quality, reduced costs, and high output. The grinding machine portfolio includes generating gear grinders for workpieces from 5 to 1000 mm in diameter. For high-volume productions prevalent in the automotive industry, Reishauer offers its twin-spindle concept. While one workpiece spindle is engaged in grinding, the second one is loaded to reduce non-productive time to the absolute minimum

Reishauer looks back on a 200-year long, eventful but successful history. It began in 1788 with hand tools and, in 1930, moved over into building machine tools. In 1945, the cornerstone of today’s success was laid with the launch of the first continuous generating gear grinding machine, incidentally one of Reishauer’s many inventions. Today, Reishauer remains the undisputed world leader in generating gear grinding machines. Since 1998, Reishauer produces its own tooling to exploit the full potential of their generating gear grinders.Joining forces with Felsomat was a further opportunity to continue the systemic integration strategy and to broaden Reishauer’s competency regarding the complete gear manufacturing process: from blank to a perfect gear.



RZ 260 4.0

From automotive ring-gears to gears for medium-sized trucks

RZ 160 4.0

Automotive transmissions fully covered

RZ 126/160 KWS 4.0

Generating grinding of parts with interfering contours


RZ 410

The Jobshop machine

RZ 550

Jobshop machine plus

RZ 1000

Big, but no job too small

ARGUS Monitoring System

Making Generating Gear Grinding Transparent
Reishauer’s ARGUS process and component monitoring system gives you new insights into grinding and dressing processes and the running state of your critical machine components. Insights that were previously simply not possible. The system enables you to monitor and optimize processes, to early detect and predict maintenance issues, to plan efficiently, and to reduce downtimes to a minimum. ARGUS makes all that possible!


  • is the monitoring system that helps prevent costly disassembly and unplanned downtime
  • detects faulty dressing during the process
  • is essential to optimize the workpiece-specific grinding process
  • enables data-driven workpiece evaluation by using complex algorithms to remove faulty gears at an early stage
  • is self-diagnostic, thus simplifying the coordination of service and maintenance planning
  • is a database-supported tool that maps OEE as well as tracing other key data
  • can be retrofitted on existing RZ x60 machines to a certain extent!

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