Empowering Intelligent Manufacturing…The Proteck Way

Welcome to Proteck Machinery

“We are committed to Growth by embedding Excellence and  Innovative Application of Technology in our products and services and evolving continuously as a valued and responsible Corporate Citizen in our businesses while contributing to Society”

Welcome to Proteck Machinery

“We are committed to Growth by embedding Excellence and  Innovative Application of Technology in our products and services and evolving continuously as a valued and responsible Corporate Citizen in our businesses while contributing to Society”


We Provide The Best Service for the Modern Industry

Founded by a group of Engineers in the year 1985, Proteck envisioned in delivering market leading Technology and Innovative Systems always emphazising on exceeding customer expectations.

Over the years, Proteck has successfully delivered its products to over 25 countries including United States, Europe and Japan. Proteck also associates with overseas manufacturers to access the Indian market by promoting Sales and Service of their products.

Our Trusted Partners

❝ We value our Trusted Partners around the world and recognize their contributions to our success.
Our partnership is built on Mutual Trust, Respect, and a Shared Vision for the future.
Together, we are committed to delivering Exceptional Value to our customers and Driving Innovation in our Industry❞

Reishauer AG, Switzerland

For more than 70 years, Reishauer Gear Grinding machines have enjoyed an outstanding worldwide reputation. They are known for the highest precision as well as for the most reliable and efficient production processes.

Tsugami Precision Engineering India Pvt Ltd, India

Tsugami India has been manufacturing superiorly engineered CNC machines for business since 2013. Tsugami CNC machines are well-known for Accuracy, design, flexibility, and reliability.

Toyo Advanced Technologies, Japan

The history of Toyo Advanced Technologies dates back to 1929. TOYO manufactured first machine tool model in 1940, and in the years since then total production has reached over 10,000 units. Read More

Nissin Manufacturing co., Ltd, Japan

Nissin has been making precision machinery parts for more than half a century. Nissin today offers Top class Ultra Precision Honing machines that answer the customer needs, Read More


The company founded in the year 1959, Fuji CNC automatic lathes support manufacturing all over the world through completely automated lines. They support production activities within the automotive and automotive parts manufacturing industries.

Herber Engineering AB, Sweden

With several decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality tube bending machines, Herber guarantees advanced machines that give you good conditions to streamline your production. Read More

Pemamek Oy, Finland

PEMA specializes in Welding and Production Automation Solutions for different heavy fabrication industries. They specialize in Robotized welding to improve productivity at your work shop.

SARIX, Switzerland

SARIX, have made the application of EDM “Micro-erosion” to very fine machining operations economically attractive and advantageous, SARIX, have adapted the Micro-EDM technology to the demands Read More https://www.sarix.com/en/

Precitrame Machines SA, Switzerland

With multiple machining technologies and operations in the same equipment, Precitrame solutions meet the growing needs of customers for complex components with high added value. Read More

GST Grinder GmbH - Austria

Since 1992, GST has developed a wide range of highly productive machines for the serial grinding of gear components, entirely flexible and focused on customer requirements.

Transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany

transfluid® is an internationally preferred partner for the production of pipe machining and bending machines. They have been developing pipe machining technologies in a customer-centric manner since the company was founded in 1988.Read More


NICOLÁS CORREA offers the widest range of milling solutions on the market, including bed machines, gantry machines, floor type machines and machines with a T-shaped configuration. https://www.nicolascorrea.com/en


MJC ENGINEERING IS METAL SPINNING & FORMING EQUIPMENT DONE RIGHT. For nearly two decades, MJC’s have been designing, manufacturing, and supporting advanced CNC Metal Spinning Equipment for customers across the globe. Read More


Huawin Precision Ltd. established in 2014 manufactures CNC ball screw grinding machine, CNC worm grinding machine, CNC gear form grinding machine, CNC internal/external cycloid gear grinding machine, CNC internal/external spline grinding machine, CNC hobbing machine and CNC worm milling machine, etc.

MYDAY Machinery Inc, Taiwan

MYDAY produces heavy duty precision lathe, oil country lathe, CNC heavy duty precision lathe, CNC screw miller and specialized lathe. MYDAY is always a reliable project solution provider.

Faccin S.p.A. Italy

Faccin specializes in the design, manufacturing and sale of Plate Rolling machines, Bending Rolls, Profile Bending machines, Dished Head machinery and Special Machines including ship frame benders, hydraulic presses and plate straightening machines. With a technologically advanced production and certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Faccin is the largest production facility in the world of bending systems and plate bending machines.


Apart from representations of top machine tool manufacturers across the world we have our own integrated state of art manufacturing facility for manufacturing world leading products in Laser cutting and bending domain.  To know more about our own manufacture machineries please visit website www.proteck.co.in
  • Proteck designs and builds Laser Cutting and  Bending Machines for variety of applications. Be it cutting or bending, Proteck leverages its strong design and manufacturing core to build both standard machines and special purpose machines to suit customers’ requirements.
  • Intelligent manufacturing is the way of today and all the tomorrows. We at Proteck are deeply conscious of this fact and build products and systems to help our customers realize this in their business, transforming production to Intelligent Manufacturing, synergizing our competencies in multiple disciplines to deliver holistic solutions for the manufacturing.

       For more details –Visit proteck.co.in