About TSUGAMI PRECISION Engineering India Pvt Ltd, India

The high performance and technologically advanced machines of Tsugami Japan are now brought to you in India through the manufacturing program of Tsugami Precision Engineering India Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Tsugami Precision Japan.

Started in the year 2013 in Chennai, the integrated manufacturing facility incorporates the very latest in technology combined with the best practices of Japanese manufacture.

The integrated manufacturing facility in Chennai offers perfect CNC machines and engineering support via a network of authorized Tech Centers across India.

Proteck and Tsugami technical support and service experts are trained to resolve day-to-day complications by working collaboratively with customer’s in-house team.

In order to respond changing needs of customers across all segments. Tsugami also offers the widest range in product options. CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE (Sliding Head Stock), CNC TURNING CENTER (Compact & High Productivity), CNC TURN MILL CENTER (Complex Machining), CNC MILL TURN CENTER (Multitasking), CNC MACHINING CENTER (High Speed Milling), CNC GRINDING (Cylindrical Grinding) are some of the products that can be effectively used to boost business’s competitive advantage.

Tsugami India works collaboratively with customers at every step of the manufacturing cycle to improve productivity and efficiency. The machines are optimized to meet specific needs and assist you in achieving a faster ROI.


CNC Precision Automatic Lathe


Max. machinable dia - Φ 12mm.


Max. machinable dia - Φ 20mm.


Max. machinable dia - Φ 20mm.


G 18- II

Swing (diameter) - 180 mm.


Swing (diameter) - 300 mm.


Swing (diameter) - 300 mm

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